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“Finest original extra virgin olive oil in the world”

ELEA® organic extra virgin olive oil is produced in the southern region of Greece. Estates are situated in Corinth and Krokees, south of Lakonia. The southern region of Greece is recognised across the world as the ideal environment for olive oil production.

The region experiences a dry climate, the mountains in the south providing a barrier to rainclouds. This low water volume translates to low acidity and peroxide values in the olives. The soil is rocky and the olive groves extract their water from underground water reservoirs.

The family traditions that created the first organic olive oil back in the 1860’s are still in practice today. There is a story behind every harvest, every bottle of olive oil is lovingly created in time-honoured traditions in this part of Greece.

This estate was first developed by a pioneering Koroneiki olive tree cultivator in the 1860’s. The skills and traditions have been passed down 4 generations, and are maintained by the family to present day.

The organic methods, honed from decades, ensure that the oil is low in acidity and high on flavour and anti-oxidants. At the time of production a laboratory verified acidity of 0.19%-0.26% is achieved.


ELEA® Organic Koroneiki Estate, Krokees, Greece

ELEA® organic extra virgin olive oil



Koroneiki olives are used in the production of Elea® organic extra virgin olive oil. This olive is native to Greece and optimal cultivation of this variety, is achieved in the Greek geography and climate.

The Koroneiki is a small olive and specially suited for olive oil production, unlike other varieties, which are still used and sold to the public. Studies and testing verify that the Koroneiki has the highest amount of anti-oxidants, compared to all other olive varieties from across the world.


Elea ® extra virgin olive oil is produced using green olives, they are hand picked when they are premature green in October and November, two months before ripening. They are then stone-crushed followed by a unfiltered, cold extraction, and placed into a tank in order for the olive oil to settle for 8-12 weeks.

This is considered amongst Europeans to be the highest quality extra virgin olive oil due to its low acidity and peroxide values and high antioxidant levels. Picking the olives by hand, is more labour intensive, however, the delicate handling of the olive and tree results in a superior finish.

Using green olives for production, produces less volumes of olive oil, this method is less desirable for commercial profits, however, the quality dramatically improves. The shelf life increases, preserving the flavour, aroma and antioxidant levels for years when stored correctly. This is why Koroneiki olive oil sits above all other olive varieties.


ELEA® organic extra virgin olive oil



Golden green in colour, this organic estate bottled olive oil is fragrant with an underlying sweetness combined with earthy, peppery notes. ELEA® organic extra virgin olive oil is deep, rich, luscious and soft with a full round body with a hint of papaya and distinct floral notes


We guarantee that ELEA® extra virgin olive oil is GMO free & cholesterol free.

ELEA® extra virgin olive oil does not contain any harmful chemicals, colour additives, hormones, carcinogens, preservatives, pesticides or heavy metals.

ELEA® extra virgin olive oil is high in Vitamins A and E and contains a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids (79%) Certified by the USDA Organic body, BIO certified by the E.U, Kosher Parve certified & P.D.O certified for geographic region of cultivation and productions. This guarantee’s the authenticity and quality of ELEA® extra virgin olive oil.


ELEA® organic extra virgin olive oil


Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)

USDA Organic Certified

DIO – Greek Certified

E.U Product Of Hellenic Organic Farming

Kosher Parve Certified


Most of all …… Enjoy 🙂