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” Our foods are rich in flavour and well priced, we keep you one step ahead of the competition”


My name is Andrew Milios and this is my story: Outback Dreaming



My parents migrated from Greece in the 1970’s, they met at Wynyard train station and have been happily married since. They had a total of 3 children; 2 boys and one girl, I was the youngest and born in Sydney in 1981.

I was a teenager when the Internet was first launched in Australia and I had a 28.8k dial-up connection. After I completed my Higher School Certificate, I landed a job as a junior computer technician. The store I worked for eventually closed down after 1 year. I discovered during my time as a technician I was very good at problem solving !

In the year 2000 I completed a diploma in I.T and after graduating, I gained employment at Optus broadband helpdesk. During my employment at Optus, I developed very good customer service skills and genuinely enjoyed helping people restore their internet connection’s, however, the same can not be said about dealing with customer’s complicated billing enquiries 🙂

After 2 years of working shift work, in the office environment and dealing with irate customers that have been on hold for hours, I decided it was time for a change. I was offered a position at a construction company through a friend of mine. I enjoyed the change of environment and new challenges until I injured my lower back and had to resign a short time later.

Once I left the construction industry, I was offered a position as a technician for the TAB Gambling agency of NSW, installing betting equipment in pubs and clubs across the state. I spent allot of time in regional areas like Bourke, Nyngan, Lightning Ridge, Broken Hill, Hay, Griffith just to name a few. During my time on the road, I found myself eating at many remote pubs and diner’s where I was fortunate enough to taste some amazing food. From full flavoured crunchy mouthwatering apples, too soft and delicious cuts of rump steak’s that would melt in your mouth ! I discovered my passion for fine food !

Often on the road staring into the sunrise and outback sunsets, I would find myself dreaming of starting my own business, supplying healthy and tasty foods to the people of Australia.

I was an athletic man who was fascinated with fitness and nutrition. I admired the Spartan warriors of ancient Greece and after some research, I discovered that the core elements behind the Spartans Warriors were discipline, dedication, and optimal nutrition.

After 3 years on the road, my lower back was starting to become very painful and I decided to resign. I had 16 months off work in order to reflect and analyze my circumstances. After some consideration, I decided to take some steps towards my passion’s and dreams; 13 May 2011 Spartan Health Foods Pty Ltd is born !

Coming from a Greek background and proud of my parent’s honest and hardworking ethics, I decided to look at my Greek heritage for the most healthiest and tastiest products from Greece. After a few months of sampling many oils from Australia, Italy, Spain, and Greece; I came across this very special oil named ELEA® Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil; produced by LOUTRAKI OIL COMPANY in Greece. I had samples sent to my family in Greece and Australia for us to thoroughly test. After extensive testing from Grandma, we decided that ELEA® Olive Oil was the highest quality and best tasting.

In 2011, I approached LOUTRAKI OIL CO. in Greece and shared my vision and direction for ELEA® Olive Oil. After some discussion’s, Spartan Health Foods was officially granted exclusive importation and distributive rights throughout Australia.

I am honored to announce ELEA® Olive Oil is the flagship of Spartan Health Foods. ELEA® olive oil exhibits high quality, value, and consistency that you can expect every time when you purchase a Spartan Health Food’s product.

We are currently in the developmental stage of introducing the finest local Australian food products, unique and high on flavour to compliment our range of traditional organic Greek specialties, such as olives, honey, classical vinegar, herbs and other special delights. This allows me to embrace and support both my indigenous land of Australia and ancestral land of Greece.

Our producers are carefully selected from the most pristine, mineral rich, sunbathed, mountain regions of Greece, Australia and around the globe. Our selected brand’s and lines will equip you the with the confidence, reliability and flexibility to cater for any occasion.

I have been involved in the organic food industry since 2008 and have spent many weekend’s trading at the premier organic food market’s throughout Sydney over the last decade. This experience has made me knowledgeable and familiar with the suppliers of the industry. Of course, there is a small percentage of dishonest supply chains, however, these supply chains are easily identifiable for a person with experience and are avoided by Spartan Health Foods !

With year’s of passionate research and a very sound understanding of the human anatomy, I aim to become the premier health food supplier of Australia. Catering for retail outlets, restaurants, cafes and everyday Australian’s, ensuring our customer’s receive superior product’s high on flavour, nutrition and value.

We understand the pressure’s of today’s society and the importance of optimal nutrition, in order to allow us to perform at our best and defend our bodies against sickness and disease. Our flawless, tailored and reliable delivery solution, direct to your home or business will ensure your valuable time and resources are dedicated to the things that are important to you.

With our discipline, passion and dedication we will endeavour to build life-long partnerships with our customer’s, ensuring your taste buds and your bodies are satisfied and ensuring your business grows and maintain’s a superior advantage over your competition in this dynamic and challenging society we now live in.


Dare to dream ?


Andrew Milios: Founder – Spartan Health Foods


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